Remember, once you leave SLED's menu, SLED cannot control the information you access on the rest of the Internet.  There is material on the Internet which you may personally find inappropriate.  Neither the State Library nor Rasmuson Library can be held responsible for its content.  Parents or guardians, not SLED nor its staff, are responsible for the inforamtion accessed by their children through SLED.  We strongly advise parents to supervise their children's Internet use.

Web Directories

Wed Directories, sometimes called Subject lists, are collections of web sites that have been selected and reviewed by a group of people.  Some web directories evaluate web sites for certain content and others only evaluate by subject so that the web site can be categorized correctly.  Use a web directory if you are looking for information on a general topic such as "dolphins" or "home-based business".  A web directory is the best way for kids to locate information.

Search Engines

Search engines index words that are on webpages; these words are all dumped into a large searchable database.  A search engine does NOT evaluate any web page content or subject.  This means if you do a search for "dolphins" you will get pages that are about the mammal as well as the football team!  Use a search engine if you could not find the information using a web directory or if you are looking for very specific and unique information.  It is often helpful to become acquainted with one search engine by reading that search engine's help pages.

Meta-Search Engines

Meta-search engines are search tools which simultaneously search multiple databases with each query.

  • Dogpile: Display 15 search engines' results separately
  • Metacrawler: Organizes 12 search engines' results into a relevance ranked list
  • Ix-Quick: Returns a list of unique web links by combining search results from many search engines

Search Engine and Directory Reviews